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Houston Drug Lawyer - Adamo & Adamo Law Firm

Houston Drug LawyerCan the government prove possession?

The government must prove you:


  1. Knew of the drug’s existence; AND
  2. Exercised control over the drug.

If there is insufficient proof of either, our Houston drug criminal defense lawyers will push for a complete dismissal.

Texas Drug Lawyer and Field Tests

Unreliable Drug Field Tests

If the officer used a field test during your drug arrest, to a qualified drug attorney the results are meaningless. Drug Field test are nothing more than unreliable, junk-science and inadmissible in court.

Drug Defense Attorney - HoustonWas the stop, search, and arrest lawful?

  • Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to stop you?
  • Did the officer have reasonable suspicion to detain you?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to search you?
  • Did the officer have probable cause to arrest you?
  • Did the officer obtain a lawful drug warrant?


If any of the officer’s actions were unlawful, then our Houston drug criminal defense lawyers should get the evidence suppressed.

Did you know?

It is unlawful to possess prescription drugs outside of their prescription bottle and without a prescription. Fortunately, if you are arrested for possession of prescription drugs (e.g. xanax, adderall, etc.) there are still ways your case can be dismissed.

Drug Defense ResultsHouston Drug Criminal Defense Lawyers

  • Poss. of Majrijuana, 5-50 lbs. – Dismissed
  • Intent to Deliver Controlled Substance, PG1, 1 – 4 grams – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Controlled Substance, PG 2 < 1 gram – Dismissed
  • Delivery of Marijuana, 5-50 lbs. – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Marijuana, 0-2 oz. – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Controlled Substance, PG 3 < 28g – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Drug Paraphernalia – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Controlled Substance, PG 2, 4 – 400g – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Controlled Substance, PG 1 < 1g – Dismissed
  • Manufacture/Delivery Controlled Substance, PG 1, 4 – 200 g – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Marijuana, 4 oz – 5 lbs – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Marijuana, 2 – 4 oz – Dismissed
  • Poss. of Marijuana, 50 – 2000 lbs – Dismissed


+ Many more drug criminal defense dismissals.

What about CBDs and Hemp?

Houston Drug Defense Mission

With a 40% dismissal or not guilty rate our Houston drug criminal defense lawyers aggressively stand against the government providing you with the best possible outcome. Criminal drug accusations and convictions can have an lasting effect on your future.  The Adamo & Adamo Law Firm has a Houston drug lawyer who has successfully defended persons accused of both Federal and State drug crimes. Don’t just take it from us, read our reviews and testimonials, and see what former clients have to say. We look forward to working for and with you as your drug defense lawyers.

Learn more about Drug Charges

Texas Drug Penalties

The Texas Health and Safety Code divides Texas Drugs into five penalty groups, plus Marijuana. The punishment range for a drug offense is determined by both the type & quantity of the drug. The charts below list general penalty and punishment ranges and do not take into account potential enhancements (e.g. manufacturing, intent to deliver, school zones, prior convictions, etc).

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Possession of a
Controlled Substance – Texas

Penalty GroupWeightPunishmentPunishment Range
PG 1
Cocaine; Heroin; Meth; GHB; Oxycodone; Hydrocodone; 
< 1 gram


State Jail Felony180 days – 2 years; up to $10,000 fine
1 – 4 grams3rd Degree Felony2 – 10 years/$10,000
4 – 200 grams2nd Degree Felony2 – 20 years/$10,000
200 – 400 grams1st Degree Felony5 – 99 years/$10,000
> 400 gramsEnhanced 1st Degree10 – 99 years/$100,000
Penalty GroupWeightPunshmentMax Punishment
PG 3 & 4
Valium, Xanax,Ritalin; Compounds
< 28 gramsClass A MisdemeanorUp to 1 year/$4,000
28 – 200 grams3rd Degree Felony2 – 10 years/$10,000
200 – 400 grams2nd Degree Felony2 – 20 years/$10,000
>400 gramsEnhanced
1st Degree Felony
5 – 99 years/$50,000
 Penalty GroupWeightPunishmentMax Punishment
PG 1-A
<20 unitsState Jail Felony180 days – 2 years/$10,000
20 – 80 units3rd Degree Felony2 – 10 years/$10,000
80 – 4,000 units2nd Degree Felony2 –20 years/$10,000
4,000 – 8,000 units1st Degree Felony5 – 99 years/$10,000
> 8,000 unitsEnhanced 1st Degree15 – 99 years /$250,000


Penalty GroupWeightPunishmentMax Punishment
PG 2
Ecstasy, PCP (MDA / Molly),
maj oil
< 1 gramState Jail Felony180 days – 2 years/$10,000
1 – 4 grams3rd Degree Felony2 – 10 years/$10,000
4 – 400 grams2nd Degree Felony2 – 20 years /$10,000
>400 gramsEnhanced
1st Degree Felony
5 – 99 years/$50,000

Marijuana Possession



Max Punishment

< 2 oz.Class B Misdemeanor180 days/$2,000 fine
2 – 4 oz.Class A Misdemeanor1 year/$4,000 fine
4 – 5 lbs.State Jail Felony2 years/$10,000 fine
5 – 50 lbs.3rd Degree Felony10 years/$10,000 fine
50 – 2000 lbs.2nd Degree Felony20 years/$10,000 fine
> 2000 lbs.1st Degree Felony99 years/$50,000 fine

People also ask

  • What class misdemeanor is possession of drug paraphernalia?

    Possession of a drug paraphernalia in Texas is a class C misdemanor punishable by a fine up to $500 and no jail time.
  • What is considered a dangerous drug in Texas?

    A dangerous drug in Texas is defined in Health and Safety Code Section 483.001 as a device or a drug that is unsafe for self medication and that is not included in Schedules 1 through V or Penalty Groups 1 – 4 of Chapter 481 (Texas Controlled Substances Act). The term includes a device or a drug that bears or is required to bear the legend: (A) “Caution: federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription ” or “Rx only” or another legend that complies with federal law; or (B) “Caustion: federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.” Possession of a dangerous drug less than 28 grams is a Class A misdemeanor punishable up to one year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine. Possession of a dangerous drug greater than 28 grams is a felony offense.
  • What is considered a controlled substance in Texas?

    Texas Health and Safety Code 481.002(5) defines a controlled substance as a drug, an adulterant, and a dilutant, listed in Sechedules I through V or Penalty Group 1, 1-A, 2, 2-A, 3, or 4. The term includes the aggregate weight of any mixture, solution, or other substance containing a controlled substance. A controlled substance can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the weight of the drug.
  • What is Penalty Group 1 in Texas?

    Penalty Group 1 in Texas consists of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, meth, GHB, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, amongst others. The punishment for possession of a controlled substance in penalty group 1 ranges from a state jail felony all the way to a 1st degre felony depending on the drug’s weight.

% of Cases Dismissed vs. the National Avg.

5% - Others
40% - A/A

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