Choosing a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are suspected of or have been accused of a crime, choosing a good criminal defense attorney is the single most important decision you have to make.

In the age of information, there are many lawyers to choose from.  However, there is only one lawyer right for you.  Similar to other services, lawyers come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities.  A lawyer saying they are great is different than a great lawyer.

This roadmap will assist you in finding a good criminal defense attorney able to get you the desired result.

Is the attorney board certified in criminal defense?

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization was established by the State Bar of Texas and certifies in 21 select areas of law. There are over 70,000 attorneys licensed in the State of Texas, but only 7,000 are board certified. Specialization exists to acknowledge the most qualified attorneys in their respective area of practice.

A good criminal defense attorney should primarily practice criminal law.

Despite popular belief, just because a person graduated from law school does not mean they are qualified to represent you in a criminal case.  If you broke your leg, you wouldn’t go see an optometrist. If you are charged with a crime, hire a good criminal defense attorney who spends his time in criminal courthouses. The collateral consequences of a criminal conviction can cripple your future. This isn’t the time to take a chance.

A good criminal defense lawyer should be active in relevant organizations.

Many organizations exist for lawyers to stay abreast current legal trends. Organizational list serves provide insight to trending legal issues and any criminal defense lawyer serious about representing you should be a member of such groups. The National Criminal Lawyers AssociationTexas Criminal Lawyers Association, and Houston County Criminal Lawyers Association are a small sampling of such organizations.

Does the attorney have a Martindale-Hubbell Rating?

Martindale-Hubbell Rating is the leading indicator of a lawyer’s high ethical standard and professional ability. An additional tool is the State Bar of Texas website listing any prior disciplinary actions taken against attorneys.

Is the attorney or law firm accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

Since 1912, the Better Business Bureau has served as a benchmark for marketplace trust. A good criminal defense attorney should be endorsed and accredited by the better business bureau.

A good criminal defense attorney should be recognized by his or her peers.

good criminal defense attorney will have recognized accomplishments, achievements, and awards has. There are many recognized awards, look for credible ones. Super Lawyers is an example; so is U.S. News and World Report.

How long has the firm been in business?

While exceptions exist, there is a reason a good criminal defense lawyer or good criminal defense firm has been in business for a lengthy period of time, they get favorable results for their clients. Past clients refer new clients.  Attorneys in other legal fields refer cases to reputable criminal defense attorneys.

A good criminal defense attorney can “walk-the-walk.”

Talking a big game is easy, getting results is what matters. Ask the attorney to show you criminal defense case results, actual results, from previous cases. A good criminal defense attorney will back up his words.

What do client reviews and ratings say?

GoogleYelp, and Avvo are all sources current and past clients can express their views and feelings about the attorney or law firm.

Client Reviews

National Reputation

Sam Adamo presents Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyer Lifetime Achievement Award

Criminal Defense

The Adamo and Adamo Law Firm has been recognized by national publications for superior criminal defense.

Client Choice

Criminal Lawyer

Sam Adamo received the Avvo Client Choice Award for criminal defense and client satisfaction.

Superb 10.0 Lawyer Rating

Criminal Defense

Both Sam Adamo and Sam Adamo Jr. have maintained 10.0 Criminal Defense Attorney ratings on Avvo, while receiving the Superb Lawyer Rating Award.

Board Certified

Criminal Defense Attorney Specialist

Criminal Specialist

Sam Adamo was one of the first Texas criminal defense attorneys to be honored as a board certified criminal law specialist.

Houston’s Best

Criminal Law

Named “. . . one of the outstanding criminal defense attorneys in Houston . . . ” by the Houston Chronicle.

5-Star Client Rating

Criminal Defense Law Firm

The Adamo and Adamo Criminal Defense Law Firm has achieved a five-star customer rating on GoogleYelp, and Avvo.

Former Prosecutor

Special Crimes

Sam Adamo worked as a Harris County prosecutor while forming and leading the first special crimes division.

Former Counsel

Houston Police Union

Known as a trusted criminal defense source, Sam Adamo provided consulting and counseling for the Houston Police Officer’s Union.

Featured Attorneys

Texas Bar Blog

The Adamo and Adamo Criminal Defense Law Firm is a consistent source for the Texas State Bar.

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