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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers
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The Adamo and Adamo Law Firm has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a trusted business and criminal defense brand.

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The Adamo and Adamo Law Firm has been recognized Super Lawyers Magazine as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Texas.

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At the Adamo & Adamo Law Firm we believe trust is something you earn. Trust is not automatic. Trust is gained by getting results. Over 40% of the time our Austin criminal defense lawyers have handed our clients a dismissal or not guilty form. With a success rate 8Xs the national average, we are confident we will earn your trust. We understand the lasting effect criminal accusations can have and work efficiently to ensure attorney meetings, courtroom appearances, and court proceedings are as smooth as possible. With 50+ years of combined experience our attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and resources to provide you with elite criminal defense for any criminal charge, including, but not limited to: DUI & DWI, drug charges, assault & domestic violence, sex crimes, federal crimes, murder, theft & fraud, white-collar crime, and much more. There is a reason our defense firm has been in business for so long, our clients leave satisfied. You have the choice of any Austin criminal defense lawyer, but there is only one right choice. Don’t overthink it. When we say we are a trusted criminal defense law firm, we mean it. Put your case in the hands of our Austin criminal defense team, you will be glad you did. Contact an Austin criminal defense lawyer at the Adamo & Adamo Law Firm to learn how we will fight your case.


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Travis County Criminal Defense Attorneys
Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist 

Sam Adamo of the Adamo and Adamo Law Firm and is board certified as a criminal defense attorney by the state of Texas.

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer ExpertADAMO AND ADAMO LAW FIRM
Criminal Defense Lawyer – Austin
Criminal Defense Lawyer Expert

The Adamo and Adamo Law Firm and Sam Adamo have been honored as a distinguished criminal defense lawyer expert.

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Austin Criminal Defense Attorney
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The Adamo and Adamo Law Firm blog has been honored as a top ten legal blog by the State Bar of Texas.

Best Texas Criminal Lawyer Sam Adamo ADAMO AND ADAMO LAW FIRM
Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Sam Adamo of the Adamo and Adamo Law Firm has been honored as a top criminal defense attorney by Texas Monthly.

Practice Areas - Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers

Texas Intoxication Offenses

-Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) -DWI

-Felony DWI – 3rd+
-Intoxication Assault
-Intoxication Manslaughter
-Felony Murder
-Boating While Intoxicated (BWI)
-DUI (minors)

Best Austin DWI Lawyer Sam AdamoAustin’s #1 DWI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI or DWI the officer likely put you through a variety of tests and requested a speciman of your breath or blood. These field sobriety tests are nothing more than biased exercises designed for you to fail. The chemical tests are unreliable, out-dated, and flawed indicators of intoxication. Our Austin DWI Attorneys are battle-tested and trained in both spectroscopy, the underlying science of the breath test machine and chromotagraphy, the science behind the blood tests. Our DWI Lawyers are here to offer assurance and guidance down the road to victory.

-Austin Marijuana Attorneys

Austin Cocaine Lawyers

Austin Drug Defense LawyersTop Austin Drug Lawyer

Texas has been at war against drugs for almost a century. Government proclamations such as drugs being “public enemy number one” and getting “tough on drugs”, have resulted in drug charges being the most over-penalized offense in the modern criminal justice system. America’s declaration of war has created drug penalties far more damaging then the drugs themselves, while locking up 100s of 1000s of people in the process; many of which are first time offenders. While there is a strong need for drug-reform, Texas drug laws continue to reflect a zero-tolerance policy. If you have been arrested on drug charges, retaining an elite Austin Drug Lawyer should be your #1 priority. The criminal defense attorneys at the Adamo & Adamo Law Firm have successfully defended many persons facing drug charges. Our winning strategy is backed by a thorough investigation of the stop, detention, search, arrest, and lab results. Innocent Texans accused of drug charges are wrongfully convicted daily. Do not become one of them. Contact Austin’s Top Drug Attorneys for a free consultation.

Best Travis County Austin Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers
Austin Drug Defense Attorney

➤Was the stop, detention, and arrest lawful?

➤The legal definition of drug possession in Texas.

➤Is the substance an unlawful drug?

The problem with a stop based on the “odor of marijuana.”

Texas Assault Crimes

-Domestic Violence/Family Violence
-Aggravated Assault 
-Injury to Child, Elderly, Disabled Individual 
-Abandoning or Endangering a Child 
-Deadly Conduct 
-Terroristic Threat 
-Leaving Child in Vehicle 
-Disorderly Conduct 

Best Houston Criminal Assault LawyersAustin Assault Attorneys

Under Texas law assault charges fall under a wide net of penalties. Assault itself is intentionally causing or threatening to cause bodily injury. If a family-member is involved the offense is classified as domestic violence. If serious bodily injury or a deadly weapon is involved the offense becomes aggravated and a felony. With over 50 years of criminal defense experience our Aggressive Austin Assault Lawyers have successfully defended all types of assault charges. We put the pressure on the state’s “zero-tolerance” assault policies by actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged assault accusations.

Best Travis County Austin Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers
Travis County Assault

➤Affidavits of non-prosecution and “zero-tolerance.”

➤Defending assault and domestic violence charges from start to finish.

Travis County Sex Crime AttorneyAustin Sex Crime Attorneys

Any criminal allegation can have a profound impact on your livelihood, however sex crime allegations carry significant weight. When faced against criminal sex allegations, you deserve an elite sexual assault criminal defense team capable of providing you with the right answers, solutions, and results.

Texas Sex Crimes include: online solicitation of a minor; indecency with a child, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, sexual abuse and continuous sexual abuse, aggravated kidnapping with sexual abuse, public lewdness, indecent exposure, improper relationship between teacher and student, revenge porn, prohibited sexual conduct, prostitution and promotion of, obscenity, sexual performance, promotion of child porn, and other Texas sex crimes.

Best Travis County Austin Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers
Austin Sex Crimes

➤Obtaining a “no-bill” from the grand jury in sex crime criminal cases.

➤Handling investigators, officers, and child protective services (CPS).

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“. . . outstanding criminal lawyer . . .”

“Instead of sitting in jail, I’m sitting at home.”

“The Adamo and Adamo Law Firm has my true loyalty.”

Travis County Texas #1 Criminal Defense LawyerOther Criminal Defense Areas

Regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the charge, our nationally recognized law firm defends all misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, including:

White-Collar Criminal Defense
Murder Charges
Theft & Fraud Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Record Sealing
Federal Crimes
All Misdemeanor Crimes
All Felony Crimes

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Best Travis County Austin Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

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The Adamo and Adamo criminal defense team provides state-of-the-art criminal resources and services for all types of misdemeanor and felony criminal defense including, but not limited to: DWI, DUI, drug charges, assault, domestic violence accusations, sex crimes, white-collar crimes, theft charges, murder, homicide, and more.  If you or someone you know is being investigated for or has been charged with a crime, contact the Austin attorneys at the Adamo and Adamo Law Firm.

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