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DUI Lawyer Houston – Who Is a Minor?

TX DWI laws distinguish anyone younger than 21 years old as a minor.

Houston DUI Lawyer – The Law.

Like many states, Texas has a Zero Tolerance Law for minors and alcohol; this means drivers younger than 21 years old can’t operate motor vehicles with any detectable amount of alcohol or drugs in their systems.

Houston DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys – Punishment.

For a 1st offense, you face:

License suspension not to exceed 1 year.
Up to a $500 fine.
An Alcohol Education Program at least 12 hours long (see below).
An additional 180 days of license suspension if you don’t complete the Alcohol Education program.
90 days of license suspension if your judge gives you community service. This means you’ll also have an ignition interlock device.
Expect to also pay fines, court costs, and legal fees, should your parents hire an attorney for you.

Houston DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys – Minors and Other Alcohol Offenses.

Pretty much any involvement you have with alcohol can affect your driving privileges in Texas―including non-driving alcohol offenses.

Examples of non-driving alcohol offenses include:

  • Purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol.
  • Lying about your age in an attempt to obtain alcohol.
  • Presenting a falsified document stating that you’re 21 years old in an attempt to obtain alcohol.
  • Consuming alcohol.
  • Possessing alcohol.
  • Public intoxication.

Penalties for these offenses are as follows:

1st offense: License suspension for 30 days.
2nd offense: License suspension for 60 days.
3rd offense: License suspension for 180 days.

Based on your situation (and possibly even your age), your judge also might order the Alcohol Education Program and community service.

DUI Lawyer Houston – Administrative Penalties

In Texas, you can face other penalties for driving under the influence or refusing a chemical test which are unrelated and in addition to criminal penalties. These penalties are known as Administrative License Revocation (ALR) and are handled by the Department of Public Safety. These are civil penalties which will result in driver’s license suspension for failing or refusing a chemical test. These penalties are in addition to of the outcome of criminal court proceedings.

Failing or Refusing a Chemical Test Penalties

All drivers in Texas are subject to implied consent, which means that if you drive, you’ve implied your consent to a chemical test if law enforcement suspects you’re drunk or otherwise impaired.
If you fail or refuse a chemical test (often a blood or breath test), you will face Administrative License Revocation (ALR), which is a type of license suspension unrelated to your criminal DWI penalties. ALR carries specific penalties for refusing or failing chemical tests.

Chemical test refusals for Minors (Under 21 years old):

  • 1st offense: 180 days.
  • 2nd offense (Refuse or fail test): 2 years.

Chemical test failures for Minors (Under 21 years old):

  • 1st offense: 60 days.
  • 2nd offense (Refuse or fail test): 120 days.

For ALR penalties, a 2nd offense can be a previous refusal or failure of a chemical test OR previously alcohol-related conviction.

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