DWI Texas Interlock and Breathalyzer Scams 

You (or someone you know) has just been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Texas. Prior to appearing for your first court date, a letter arrives in the mail looking like this:Texas Interlock Scam for Houston DWIs

Don’t take the bait. This letter is a scam, aimed at taking advantage of and profiting from persons accused of DWI.

Texas Interlock Scam 1: “SECOND notice”

Truth: This letter has ZERO implications for both your pending DWI case and your Texas driver’s license. Ignore it.

Texas Interlock Scam 2: “regain your driver’s license”

Truth: While it is true your license MAY be suspended after a DWI arrest, it also MAY NOT. You have fifteen (15) days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing on your license. Most Houston and Texas DWI Attorneys will do this for you. If you win this hearing your license will never be suspended, regardless of providing or refusing a breath/blood specimen or refused.

For more about the connection between DWI arrests and Texas Driver Licenses click here.

Texas Interlock Scam 3: “ARREST SEAL PROGRAM . . .”

Truth: Effective September 1, those who are convicted of a DWI MAY be eligible down the road to block the arrest record. Having a Texas interlock or breathalyzer can expedite that process. The problem with this letter, in this instance it was sent prior to a single court appearance and prior to any disposition (final result). In other words, there is no conviction and no court-ordered requirement for the letter’s recipient to install a Texas interlock.

Texas Interlocks and breathalyzers are big business. This letter, filled with scary words like “jail”, “probation”, and “suspensions” is a shady attempt by a company looking to make a quick buck off persons accused of DWI. Ignore it. Don’t take the bait.