Texas Pretrial Release, Conditions, and Supervision While your Criminal Case is Pending

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I. Pre-Trial Release

Otherwise known as bail or bond. For more information click here and here.

II. Pretrial Conditions

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and have posted bond, you will soon become familiar with bond conditions. These conditions vary depending on the type of crime you are accused of and the court your case is assigned to.

Bond Conditions have received the rubber stamp of approval by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals as not only lawful, but useful to ensure your appearance in court.

Possible Bail Conditions inlude:

  • No contact orders and communication restrictions;
  • GPS monitoring;
  • travel limitations;
  • curfew;
  • electronic monitoring;
  • drug testing;
  • interlock (for DWI/DUI offenses);
  • counseling;
  • monthly reporting.

Violating any of your set bond conditions will result in your bond being revoked and a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you are on bond and believe you may have violated a condition contact your Houston criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The  lawyers at the Adamo & Adamo Law Firm can assist in keeping you out of jail if a bail condition violation has been alleged.

III. Pretrial Supervision

One condition of bond may require you to report monthly to a pretrial service supervising officer. This will likely be done each time your case is on the court’s docket. There, the officer may require a drug or alcohol test from you. For Harris County, most Pretrial Monitoring will be conducted at the criminal courthouse, 1201 Franklin, 12th Floor, Houston, TX 77002. Once your case is disposed of, the conditions of bail are terminated.

For more information see Harris County Pretrial Services.

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